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How You Can Keep Your Rental Property Safe From Pests

How You Can Keep Your Rental Property Safe From Pests

With the final weeks of summer right on our doorstep, many people are starting to think about closing up their rental property until the next vacation.  Or, taking care of the rental property while it’s between tenants. There is so much to do to ready the property for its desolate life, but what if I told you that your rental home wasn’t as empty as you thought it was?

No, when the vacationers go back home, the pests will come out to play. You can clean the vacation home from top to bottom, but as soon as you leave, the little rodent waiting in the walls will come out to see what’s been left for them. It is the perfect time because they do not have to worry about traffic.

To keep your rental property safe from pests, use these tips:

  • Call in pest control: Even when you do not have someone staying in your rental, you want to have frequent pest control for it. This is called preventative maintenance and it’s important in order to maintain a property that is safe from pests.
  • Be sure to seal up entry points: Pests gain access to your home through entry points like windows, doors, vents, and pipes. Rodents can also chew straight through a wall to get into your home. If you are unsure about what would be an entry point, give Wildout Animal and Pest Control a call and they can help you out.
  • Have proper trash bins: Make sure that if you or a tenant is not staying in the rental property that you take the trash bins out. If you don’t feel comfortable with that, then make sure that you have the lid sealed tightly to the bins. There can be no access point for pests because where one can get it many others can too.
  • Remove debris from the home: Pests love a cozy place they can snuggle up in so if you have a lot of paper or trash in the rental, a pest will set up camp in it. The same rules apply outside, if you have firewood, hudges, bushes, or weeds in your yards, chances are, you’ll see a lot more pests.
  • Take care of standing water: This is a breeding ground for mosquitoes so if you have an area where water is being collected, you will want to get rid of it.

Pests like to lay claim on any home or building that is not currently lived because it’s safe. A vacant apartment is the go-to for many pests since they can venture out into the other non vacant apartments, find food and then bring it back to the empty apartment to eat. This will in turn create more pests as they start to come in for food that the first pest collects. It really is a domino effect and Wildout Animal and Pest Removal can help wipe out that problem. Just give them a call today 844-945-3688!

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