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The Latest and Best Ways to Reduce Your Risk of Rodent Infestation

Rodents can be good for many different reasons, but they are not a pest that you want running around your home or business. You don’t want to have to worry about the damages that they cause or the diseases that they can transmit.

The Latest and Best Ways to Keep Rodents Out of Your Home or Business:

Seal Up Entry Points
There are many different entry points where a rodent can gain access to the inside of your home or business, so make sure you seal up vents,  doors, vents, and plumbing areas.

Seal Up Food Containers
Food is one of the reasons that rodents find themselves in your home. Water, warmth, and security are a few other reasons. Be sure to seal up containers that store food because rodents are just one type of pest looking for easy access to food.

Watch Out For Pet Food Bowls
Food that is sitting for too long will attract unwanted pests and pet food bowls are notorious for this. You can choose an inexpensive option like sprinkling baking soda around your pet’s food bowl or there are neat little food dishes designed to keep pests off of them. These food dishes have a safe guard that doesn’t allow pests to gain friction to climb up into them.

Get Rid of Debris
Clutter, trash, overgrown shrubbery, piles of wood, and old newspapers are just a few options that pests are attracted to, especially rodents. Be sure to clear all of these things from your home or business so that rodents have fewer places to hide.

Call in Pest Control
If you have rodents in your home already, chances are high that you’ll attract many more. If not rodent association alone, by the rodent multiplication factor. Rodents mate frequently and produce offspring many times throughout the year. In fact, a mouse can produce 10 or more litters annually and that can start as soon as a mouse turns 6 weeks.

This is exactly why it is so important to remove any rodents that may be in your home or business. On top of the multiplication factor, they also can cause a lot of damage. One mouse or rat can cause up to $6,000 in damages. So, imagine what a mischief (group of mice) of mice could cause.

Pest control is the best option when it comes to removing mice from your home and Wildout Animal and Pest Removal is a perfect choice.  Wildout uses a 5-step process that will remove current rodents and prevent future rodents from entering your home. Wildout’s first step is to inspect your home or business, which is completely free. They take time to look at y0ur roof, crawlspaces, pipes, and AC lines to find as many possible entry points that can be sealed. Then, they remove rodents from your home or business.  The 3rd step is to seal up the entry points so no future rodents can invade your home or at least, decrease the risk.  Wildout’s 4th step is a preventative measure called Population Control.

After Wildout removes the rats from your home or business, they will take the time to restore all the damages that the rodents caused. More often than not, this damage is found in the attic in the form of chewed-up wires, gnawed on wood, or droppings found in the insulation. Wildout Animal and Pest Removal can take care of it all, just call today 844-945-3688!

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