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Springtime and Wildlife

Springtime and Wildlife

It’s officially spring and we’ll start seeing more furry little critters in our yards. But, they won’t just end up in your yard, they could end up in your house too!

Here’s a look at some well-known wildlife that comes out to play in the spring.


Rodents do not hibernate, they stay active all year round. However, they do become more active in the spring and summer months. In search of dry, warm places, rodents are most often found in basements, attics or even inside of walls. Rodents are very intelligent and they are persistent so they can find ways to infiltrate a person’s home or business to protect themselves or to find food/shelter.

You’ll know if you have a rodent problem as their droppings are defined as tiny black pellets. Another noticeable factor is finding walls, wires or trash chewed up.


Many squirrels spend all winter in hibernation so that they can spend the spring and summer months in search of food. For burrowing, squirrels dig holes in a garden or in lawns. They have also been known to clog up drainage systems. However, tree squirrels remain active all throughout the year. They can chew up walls, wiring and even insulation.

To help keep squirrels from tearing up your property or business, make sure to keep gutters clean and tree branches trimmed.


Raccoons also enter into a phase known as torpor for a month or so during the winter. This phase is very similar to hibernation. Since raccoons lose a lot of their body weight through this phase, they use the spring and summer months to look for food to replace it.

Raccoons can chew through tougher materials like vinyl, wood and cinder blocks. Their human-like hands allow them to dig through trash cans and other open containers. One way to help prevent raccoons from running around on your property is to secure trash cans and animal food containers.


The wintertime doesn’t allow our winged insects to fly around much at all so when it comes to bats, their source of food becomes limited. Spring and summer months allow insects to fly again, which means we’ll also see more bats. Bats can’t chew through materials like other springtime animals, but they can squeeze their way through openings in chimneys or vents that are less than a half-inch wide.

To keep your property or business free of bats, be sure to replace damaged or broken shingles and also, torn window screens.

Springtime animals are looking for a warm dry place where they can find food. Most of them have been trapped by the harsher wintry months so to them, it’s only natural to find a place that provides both and businesses and homes do. However, every animal listed on here carries a risk of infection and disease so they cannot be allowed to stay.

If you’ve found a few springtime animals or pests around your property or business and are not sure how to safely remove them, call in the professionals. Wildout Animal and Pest Removal will not only help to remove animals and pests, they will also repair damages too!

Call Wildout today to safely and humanely remove your “wild” at 844-840-0327

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